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Volleyball New Brunswick 506-451-1346 vnb@nb.aibn.com 1 1 General Skills – Teaching points Ready Position • Feet shoulder width apart • Weight on our toes (slide a piece of paper under your heel) • Knees bent (knees over toes) • Rounded shoulders and back (shoulders over knees)

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Volleyball Setting is a Skill That Requires a Soft Touch. Make a triangle with your thumbs and forefingers touching each other at the tips. Place your triangle right above your forehead. Now separate your forefingers and thumb by an inch or two and cup your hands in the shape of the ball. When the ...

How To Teach Setting In Volleyball

The first point is to focus on foot placement. The right foot is always going to be in front of the left foot. This is the best stance for a setter in volleyball. This helps prevent the possibility of setting over the net. Watching the footwork is key.

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Stage three Watch the ball. Face the ball in ready position with knees slightly flexed. Hands are held above the head, palms up. Move body underneath the ball and push the ball into the air with your fingertips. Extend knees to help with the push into the air. Follow through with fingers pointing at ...

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In this section of her series on teaching young players the fundamentals of setting, Emily Hiza focuses on footwork. As her juniors player demonstrates, Hiza explains the steps required to efficiently move to different points on the court in preparation for setting.

Volleyball Set Tips for Improving Your Setting

Key Skills for Successful Volleyball Sets. Get to the ball. Get to the ball as quick as you can. Square your body up to the target. Setting position. Have your right foot slightly in front with your bodyweight balanced. Your shoulders, hips, and feet face the target. Knees are bent and your back is straight.

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