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Swimsuit Qiyou | Soccer Spirits Wiki | Fandom

Swimsuit Qiyou. The true leader of the Valley of Red Moon. She's known to be at least 20,000 years old and is part of the goat tribe. She demands to be treated with respect as she's also Princess Meiran 's teacher. Attribute.

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Swimsuit Qiyou/Teamwork | Soccer Spirits Wiki | Fandom

Questions come in a group of 20. 1-20, 21-40, 41-60 and etc. If you got a question number 55 then it means there will be questions from 41 to 60.

Qiyou's evolution materials : soccerspirits

Qiyou's evolution materials. ... Subreddit for the Soccer-based Tactical Card Game, Soccer Spirits! Developed by BigBall and Published by Com2uS for Android and iOS.

Soccer Spirits Wiki | Fandom

Welcome to the Soccer Spirits Wiki! Soccer Spirits is an Android & iOS sport card game by Com2uS and developed by BigBall Co. Ltd. Anyone can contribute and help our community!

Jean | Soccer Spirits Wiki | Fandom

A soccer genius who loves a good challenge, no matter where he is. He's come to the Underground for thrilling matches that can't be found in official leagues. Without referees, there's no one to stop any violence or foul play.

Jibril | Soccer Spirits Wiki | Fandom

Jibril. Once an angel of the Light Congress, Jibril was critically wounded during the war in Yggdrasil and was moved to Repayon. The angels believed that Jibril fell into the grace of eternal slumber, but the truth was that her soul slipped away from her body and fell down to Earth. Her soul gained a form of a human and she began wandering the ...

Soccer Spirits Guide For New Players 2020 - Gachazone

Just in case you didn’t know, there are attribute bonuses in Soccer Spirits. Ardor > Whirlwind > Thunder > Light > Dark > Ardor. Each element takes 25% less damage and deals 25% more damage against the element it is strong against. It’s very significant to the metagame, as we’ll see.

Soccer Spirits Tier List - October 2021 - TechiNow

Soccer Spirits Tier List (Characters) This is the list of in game characters from best to worst. Name. Element. General Tier. Class. Potential. Aiolos. Whirlwind.

Anael in backline in mono ww? : soccerspirits

Qiyou has naturally high reflex and benefits more from Linmay (hence making a stronger reflex wall) as opposed to Enthia who misses out by being at mid. Edit: If anything the only thing I would suggest is changing your goalkeeper.