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27 Fun and Exciting Kitty Party Games Ideas

The player having the maximum amount of dal in her bowl wins the game. One-minute Kitty Party Game Ideas. In these kitty party games for ladies, one minute is enough to have an amazing time. 1. Thermocol and Pins. This game is really easy to arrange and can be played at any party. What You Will Need. A few needles or pins; A pack of thermocol balls; 2 bowls

35 Fun And Engaging Kitty Party Games For Ladies To Play

Thermocol and Pins is a fun and easy game for any kitty party. You can have any number of players to play this game. You will need. A pack of thermocol balls; 2 bowls; A timer; How to play. Place the two bowls on a table. Fill one with thermocol balls and put needles or pins in the other one. Set the timer for a minute.

30 Best Kitty Party Games [Funny, Exciting, Unique Ideas]

11. BANGLE GAME. A famous Kitty Party Game with Bangles. REQUIREMENT: Some bangles; Matchbox; Candles; Any wooden board or straight plate. INSTRUCTIONS: Each player has to put a drop of wax on wooden board after lighting the candle. And then stick a bangle to that wax, the bangle should stand on the box. The time limit can be 3min-4min. WHO WINS?

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Fun kitty party games, delicious food, catching up on what’s happening in each others’ lives is something that members look forward to every month. Games are one of the best things about these parties and give everyone an opportunity to have fun and win prizes.

13 Kitty Party Games for Ladies Night - Fun Party Pop

Let’s Party – Kitty Party Games. Card Puzzle Game: This is like playing cards but with a twist. Remove the ace, king, jack, and queen from the pack to get a total of 16 cards. These cards must be cut into 3 pieces and mix them well. The game is to match the correct cards both the color and the number.

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Kitty Party Games / Fun Games To Play With Friends Indoors / Kitty Games For Ladies / More PiyaJai Jinendra 🙏New Game video out on our YouTube channel 🥳🤗....

15 Games for Women’s Day - Ladies Kitty | Kitty Party Games

A fun one minute party game in which players have to pick maximum cotton balls from the floor using spoon in one minute time.Check more about Cotton Balls In Bowl. Filed Under: Group Party Games, Kitty Party Games, Mothers Day Party Game, Party Games, Theme Based Games.